Wojtusz Popik (02.02.2019)

About the Drawing: Wojtku is a former colleague of mine, who worked together with me  in Capgemini for about a year. He took over my customer's portfolio and became the mascot of our team. Once, I brought my camera to work because I had to take pictures of a client visit. I took the opportunity to take some pictures of my colleagues as well. When recently I stumbled upon a picture that I took of Wojtuś, I realized I just had to draw him. Below you see the result. 

As with my latest drawing of Salvador Dali I decided to do a lot of dotting with black ink. Also, I acquired some new technical drawing pens that I wanted to try out. The smallest nib I have with these pens is 0,2 mm. However, I prefer an even smaller nib than that so that the dots are smaller and the drawing can be more refined. I now ordered a few 0,13 mm nibs, so hopefully this will be visible in my next drawings. Nonetheless I'm happy enough with the result. Like with the Dali drawing I've spent a lot of time dotting and this time I had to fill an even bigger surface (an A3 sized paper). For the first time I created a time-lapse video of the drawing process. I put up a tripod on my desk with my LDSR facing downwards. Since the max video length on my LDSR is 15 mins I continually had to press the record button and about every half an hour I had to change and recharge the batteries. In the end I had to edit all these separate files together. Sometimes a little piece of video is missing and at other times my head is blocking the view a bit. Nevertheless, I'm happy with the result. Below you can find two different versions of the video

Materials used: Most of the drawing was done with Rotring Variant Graphical Pens (0,02 mm - 0.05 mm). For the phone I used Copic markers in warm grey tints. I like the effect. The phone kind of stands out. I think it would've looked too boring if I dotted the phone with ink just like the rest of the drawing. I cross-hatched a lot in the jacket and tie and a bit in the hair as well. For the white shirt I only used a pencil. 

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