About Me

Welcome to my webpage. I am a Dutchman who lives in Kraków, Poland, since 2013, where I’m being inspired by all the beautiful things that I come across. These things often relate to the Polish culture, such as classic Polish cinema, Polish jazz music or simply the cafe & bar culture and the laid back atmosphere of Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter of the city. I prefer to introduce myself, not as an ‘artist’, but simply as a person who appreciates art and who every now and then has a creative period in which he feels a great urge to create something. Unfortunately, these creative periods do not appear as often as I would like. Most drawings on this page for example were created by me over three years ago in a period of about two months in which I felt a sudden creative impulse. Now I want to create more art, improve my photography- and video-editing skills, make more drawings and try out new styles and techniques. I have built this website in order to give myself that push to be more creative and produce more artistic expressions. Hopefully I can soon present some new works! Feel free to leave some comments.

Jasper Verspaandonk

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