About Me

Welcome to my website. I am a Dutchman who took up drawing a few years ago. During primary- and high school I already liked to draw and paint, but in the years after I never found the time and neither felt a strong urge to create something new. Between 2011 and 2019 I lived in Kraków, Poland, my favorite city. Here I felt inspired by all the beautiful things that I come across: Polish cinema, Jazz music, the laid back and arty atmosphere of Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter of the city.. At the same time my dull office job didn't give me much satisfaction anymore and so it happened that in early 2015 I felt a creative urge again and I felt that I wanted to take up drawing again. I watched some youtube videos for inspiration and ideas and I started with my first drawing since school time. It was a pencil sketch of an eye with a light reflection in the iris (see drawing page). I was really pleased with the result, feeling proud and kind of surprised that I was able to draw like that. It gave me the confirmation that I needed. Ever since I've been making a new drawing every now and then, trying to improve my skills and trying out new media. The results can be viewed on this website that I created in order to give myself that extra push to be more creative and produce more creative expressions. 

Jasper Verspaandonk

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