Salvador Dali (19.01.2019)

About the Drawing: Another graphite drawing. Ever since high school I admire Dali's works. “A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others” he once said. He has definitely inspired me, even though my latest drawings depict nothing of the surrealism that Dali's works are so well known for. I'm still mainly practicing my drawing technique and I feel more confident drawing something from the example of a picture or an object than drawing something made up myself. Hopefully I'll get there though. 

I've drawn the magnifying glass by hand. Therefore, if you pay attention to it, you can see that it's not a perfect circle. However, I think its not too distracting. I found the drawing of the hands quite difficult and therefor I just kept them very basic as not to distract attention from the rest of the drawing. It is often the things that look most simple that turn out most difficult, for example the jacket and the hair, rather than the details in the face. As you see in the pictures below I had to draw the hair twice. I wasn't so happy with my first attempt, so I erased all of it. The second try I decided to just draw hair lines close to each other as I would've done with micron ink pens. I like the way it turned out in the end.

My plan is to draw another portrait of Dali, but this time with black ink, rather than with graphite. I wonder which one will turn out nicer in the end. Below I'll add some different versions of the drawing adjusted with Adobe Photoshop.

Materials used: Graphite pencils and Daler Rowney fine grain heavy weight paper (200g/m2 / 120lbs) in A4 format.

The drawing paper I used for this drawing has a bit of a texture. This made it a bit more difficult to smudge out the graphite and to draw very detailed. A smoother paper surface would be easier, but I wanted to try out this heavy and textured paper to see how this would work out. It took a lot more effort to make certain surfaces really dark / black. 

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