Ludwik Benoit from the movie Ewa Chce Spać (06.05.2015)

About the drawing:  Ludwik Benoit is an actor that I know from the classic Polish movie Ewa Chce Spać / Ewa wants to sleep (1957), directed by Tadeusz Chmielewski. It's a sweet comedy that I enjoyed watching a lot. I'm generally a big fan of Polish cinema and I'm especially fond of the old classics. I really liked the stills in this movie and they inspired me to make this drawing. My first portrait drawing was also based on this movie. It's a drawing of "Ewa" or Barbara Kiatkowska-Lass in real life. Below I have added a trailer of the movie. Unfortunately it is not subtitled, but it is still nice to watch for the cinematography. I have also added a video of the fairy-tale-like intro of the movie. I love the song that the movie starts with.  

I created this portrait drawing in May 2015 and it was the last drawing that I made for about three years to come. It is the second pen drawing in which I used crosshatching and dotting techniques. There are not so many different skin tones and the depth is mainly visible around the eyes and eyebrows where i did some crosshatching. I pretty much like how the combination of crosshatching and dotting worked out. 

Materials: I used pigma microns / fineliners in all different sizes for this drawing (0.2mm-0.5mm). Usually it is recommended to use thin and smooth paper for pen drawings. However, I used fine grain (rather than smooth) heavyweight paper of 120 lbs (Daler Rowney). Since the surface is not too smooth it was perfect to use graphite very lightly to create a skin pattern in the whiter parts of the face. Here I did not blend the graphite into the paper, while in the darker parts where you find the shadow I did. I like the combination here of the pen and graphite. The format of the paper is A4. 

For different colored versions of the drawing click hereclick here.

Trailer from the movie Ewa Chce Spać (1957) Tadeusz Chmielewski

Intro of the movie

Using Format