Iran: Isfahan (2014)

Isfahan is the old capital of Iran and the main tourist destination of Iran. The city of full of important Islamic buildings and the UNESCO listed Naqsh-e Jahan Square is probably the most important historical sight of the country. The city is also famous for its historic bridges. One of them is the 298m Si-o-Seh Bridge (Pol-e Si-o-Seh) which is also known as the Bridge of 33 Arches or Allahverdi Khan Bridge which was completed  in 1602. For years, and at the time of my visit in 2014, the river was completely dried out which enabled people to hang out under the bridge which feels refreshing during the hot summer days. I loved hanging out here. People meet up, play music and drink tea there. Below I'll also add a video below of some local guys making music mixed with some other footage that I filed during my travels in Iran. Click here to scroll through the photo's in a gallery view.

Below the video you can find a selection of pictures that I took in Yazd. 

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