Girl with Crown (10.03.2015)

About the drawing: This is my third portrait drawing and the first one in which I used colored pencils. I found a picture of this girl online and I immediately felt inspired to draw her. To be honest, I can't remember the story behind the picture or even where the girl is from. After finishing the drawing I was quite happy with the result. I like the green in the eyes, the red under her eyes and the pattern in her jacket which I made up myself. The part I am least happy with is the upper blue necklace. I am not even sure what I tried to achieve here. I tried to adjust it, but any further attempt would have made me damage the paper, so I had to leave it like this. It looks a bit messy to me. In the picture the girl is standing in a forest and the background is green and blurry. For this drawing I decided to make the background grey, soft and creamy in order to make the portrait stand out.

Materials: I used  Derwent Artist and Derwent Coloursoft pencils. The Artist pencils are harder and do not blend too easily. With these you can work more precisely than with the Coloursoft pencils. The texture is lighter, rather then thick and oily. Therefore I used them to lightly color the first few layers. After that I've used the Coloursoft pencils. The texture is much thicker and the colors are brighter. These pencils are great for blending colors. It gives the drawing a bit of a look that you can create with pastels or oil paint. For the grayish background I used charcoal that I blended out on the paper with soft chamois leather. 

For the drawing process, click here.

Derwent Colorsoft

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