Albania: Lake Koman Fery (2016)

My favorite country that I visited during my Balkan trip  in 2016 for sure is Albania. It just has so much to offer: Great beaches, Old Ottoman cities, incredible mountain ranges, lakes.. My favorite part of the trip was the Lake Koman Ferry. It brings you from Koman to Fierzë and the other way around. The views are stunning and there are little islands where the ferry can drop you off. I was accompanied by to fellow Dutch people whom I met in the home-stay the previous day in the city of Shkodra. We shared a a bottle of cheap Kosovar wine, or well, they hopped off the boat before the bottle was finished, so I had to finish most of it by myself. I believe it enhanced my camera skills though. See below the result:

One ore fact to mention: The music added to the video is Estonian Bossa Nova. Estonian Bossa Nova combined with Albanian landscapes.. why not? I think it works.

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