Talens Paint Tube (01.02.2015)

About the drawing: This is one of my earlier graphite drawings (I believe my second since high school) and I was quite a bit proud after finishing it. For this drawing I chose a simple object that was nearby. I liked the look of my used Talens paint tube and the way the metal had been squeezed. The challenge here is to show the lumps in the tube that show where it is filled with paint and where the paint has been squeezed out. In order to create a metallic look at the bottom of the tube I didn’t soften the graphite by blending / shading it, as I did with the other parts of the tube. The Talens logo makes the paint tube very recognizable for many Dutch artists / hobbyists. The greenish tint in below picture was actually created with Adobe Photoshop. The original is fully B/W.

Material used: Graphite pencils (HB-8B), charcoal and a micron ink pen.

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