Szamanka (18.10.2018)

About the drawing

Finally! After a break from drawing for more than three years I finally finished one. I was a bit ill at ease, but in the end I'm happy with the result. Online I found an arty picture of a girl with a snake that drew my attention.  I liked the composition and immediately though that it would lend itself well to a drawing. I started drawing the girl with graphite pencils and somehow I just couldn't get the face right. She was looking at me in an odd way as if she was feeling disgusted by something. I had to correct the mouth and I completely erased the right eye and also adjusted the left eye slightly. All in all I made a lot of changes and it was really a lot of trial and error before I was somewhat satisfied with the result. When the face and hand of the girls was finished I had no clue how to start with the snake. I simply had not thought it out except for the idea that it would be in color so it would attract attention and  stand out in stark contrast to the colorless girl. The patterns of the snake more or less came about accidentally. I chose one or two colors and started drawing some scales that I colored in. I kind of liked the result, but had no idea yet how it would look when I would color the entire snake like this. Along the way I made decisions on what colors to add. The shading, mainly between the scales, was done with graphite which I blended with the colored pencils in order to create depth. I think this worked pretty well and I like the combination of the bright and oily colors mixed with graphite. It has a bit of a similar effect as old B/W photo's being colored in. Another struggle was what to do with the snake's head. I was really afraid of ruining the entire drawing by not being able to draw something that looks like a snake head. In the end I think it turned out fine. I kept it quite simple and I wish it could've been more detailed and rounded.

Materials: I used  Derwent Artist and Derwent Coloursoft pencils + regular graphite pencils (2h-8b).

For the drawing process, click here.

Below you can find a video of the drawing that I created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. I like the lightning color effects.  

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