Szamanka (18.10.2018)

About the drawing

Finally! After a break from drawing for more than three years I finally finished a new one. I was a bit ill at ease, but in the end I'm happy with the result. Online I found an arty picture of a girl with a snake that drew my attention. I liked the composition and immediately felt that it would lend itself well to a drawing. I started drawing the girl with graphite pencils, but somehow I just couldn't get the face right. She was looking at me in an odd way as if she was feeling disgusted by something. I had to correct the mouth and I completely erased the right eye and also adjusted the left eye slightly. All in all I made a lot of changes and it was really a lot of trial and error before I was somewhat satisfied with the result. When the face and hand of the girl was finished I had no clue how to start with the snake. I simply had not thought it out except for the idea that it would be in color so it would stand out in stark contrast to the girl in B&W. The patterns of the snake more or less came about accidentally. I chose one or two colors and started drawing some scales that I colored in. I kind of liked the result, but I had no idea yet how it would look when I would color the entire snake like this. Along the way I made decisions on what colors to add. The shading, mainly between the scales, was done with graphite which I blended with the colored pencils in order to create depth. I think this worked pretty well and I like the combination of the bright and oily colors mixed with graphite. Another struggle was what to do with the snake's head. I was really afraid of ruining the entire drawing by not being able to draw something that looks like a snake head. In the end I think it turned out fine. I kept it quite simple. I wish it could've been more detailed and it misses some depth though.

Materials: I used  Derwent Artist and Derwent Coloursoft pencils + regular graphite pencils (2h-8b).

For the drawing process, click here.

Below you can find a video of the drawing that I created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. I like the lightning color effects. I haven't seen any other video's in which the color's are being adjusted in Photoshop this way. I basically had to change the colors for many different frames. It was an easy, but time-consuming work. 

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