Salvador Dali in Ink (22.01.2019)

About the drawing: A day before starting with this drawing I finished another portrait of Savador Dali, which I made with graphite pencils. After that I wanted to draw a second portrait of the self proclaimed 'genius', but this time with a different technique. This portrait I made entirely with micron pens and black ink. I love ink drawings and in my opinion it has so many advantages over graphite drawings. I think my graphite drawings only really come alive once I've scanned them and changed the contrast a bit. Also, I hate the way graphite looks so shiny and reflects the light. With ink drawings you don't have these issues. It's pure black on white, so there is no need to change the contrast with Photoshop. 

I started with a bit of crosshatching under the nose and in the mustache and eyebrows. I dotted the rest of the drawing.. I dotted for about two full days. After a first layer of dots I thought that my drawing was more or less finished, but then I found out that I had another micron marker with a 0.3 mm point, the smallest I could get. So I decided to dot away for two more evenings, making the drawing more refined. I'm really happy with how it turned out and I'm planning to make a lot more drawings with the same technique. I even bought some fancy old fashioned Rotring mechanical drawing pens and different colors of ink. I can't wait to start a new drawing and test them out. 

Click here to see some pictures I made during the drawing process.

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