Red Haired Girl (22.03.2015)

About the drawing: This is my second colored pencil drawing. The girl portrayed was taken from a random picture I found online. I liked the girl for her freckles and red hair. From the beginning I had the idea that most attention should go to the hair and that I would draw these in an art-nouveau / Jugendstil style. I like how the hair worked out. I'm less happy with the left hand, but fortunately not too much attention goes out to this. Generally, looking at the drawing three years later, I see room for improvement. 

Materials: I used  Derwent Artist and Derwent Coloursoft pencils. The Artist pencils are harder and do not blend too easily. With these you can work more precisely than with the Coloursoft pencils. The texture is lighter, rather then thick and oily. Therefore I used them to color the first few layers lightly. After that I've used the Coloursoft pencils. The texture of these is much thicker and the colors are brighter. These pencils are great for blending colors. It gives the drawing a bit of a look that you can create with pastels or oil paint. 

To have a look at the drawing process, click here.

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