Old Woman (27.04.2015)

About the drawing: This is my first portrait drawing with ink and the first portrait drawing in which I used the  crosshatching technique. The drawing comes from a picture of a homeless woman that I found online. As I usually do I first draw a raster on both my drawing paper and the photograph that I printed out in order to get the outline right. After that I first drew the first layers very lightly with graphite. Of this I made a copy on regular A4 printing paper (not the best quality for preserving the drawing though). The print was very light so you won't really see it anymore through the ink lines.I enjoyed creating depth in the face using the crosshatching technique as this was entirely new for me. The lines are going in all directions so that the skin looks rough and wrinkled, rather than smooth. I like the way the hair and the hat are not crosshatched. The hair lines are all going down. This way it is easier to distinguish the hair from the face. The hat in contrast is dotted. 

Materials: I used graphite pencils for the first drawing and pigma microns / fineliners in different sizes for this drawing (0.2mm-0.5mm) to draw over the copy of the first drawing I did with graphite. The pen drawing was made on regular printing paper, probably only 20 lbs in weight. 

Have a look at the drawing process by clicking here.

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