Ewa Chce Spać (08.02.2015)

About the drawing: This is not one of my better drawings in my opinion, but since it is my first portrait drawing I just had to include it here. The girl is Ewa from the classic Polish movie Ewa chce spać (1957). I love the movie and its beautiful cinematography. The main actress is Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass. Below I've added the picture that i used as an example. I made the hair look shiny by erasing the graphite / charcoal in certain parts over which i drew the hairlines. I was not happy with the long hair at her right side between her head and shoulder (see below), so in the end I erased these with ink.

Material used: Graphite pencils (HB-8B) and charcoal.

To have a look at the drawing process, click here.

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