Cities: Tilt Shift Effect

I love making short video clips of the cities that I either visit or live in. The tilt shift effect or miniature effect brightens up the colors, blurs out the upper and lower parts of the video and plays the filmed scenes at a speed 16 times faster than real life. It often makes cars and boats move like little toys and people like miniature poppets. In a way we can also just call them time-lapse video's, for you are using less frames per second/minute Below you can find a selection of these tilt shift / time-lapse videos that I've posted on my Vimeo page.

Belgrade, Serbia (2018)

Novi Sad, Serbia (2018)

Skopje, Macedonia (2018)

Ohrid (2018)

Tblisi (2014)

Istanbul (2014)

Poland: Kraków, Podgórze (2013)

Poland: Kraków, Nad Wisłą (2013)

Poland: Kraków (2013)

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