'Nooit alleen thuis'

For the publishing house where I work for publicity I made the next animation. We released a book about insects, micro-organism and biodiversity. I really like the book cover and my colleague came with the idea to do something with the animals to bring them alive and make them move. I immediately liked the idea and decided to take it upon myself. I had no idea yet how this could be done, especially since I only had the picture of the book cover and no individual pictures of the insects. I decided to create hundreds of frames and in each of them I would make one or more bugs slightly move. I know this is not the fastest way, but its the only way I knew and the only way in which I was totally in control about the movements the bugs would make. I've spend about a whole weekend photo-shopping in Adobe. This is the result:

At a later stage I was able to contact the designers of the book cover and asked them to send me the individual drawings of the bugs. This makes animating a lot easier. Therefor I created a second video (without sound) to use as a Facebook banner. Now I had the drawing of each individual bug I was also able to let them walk over the text written on the book cover. See here the result:


Here I animated one of my drawings by changing color effects for each frame. I did this in Adobe Photoshop and then put all frames together in Adobe Premiere Pro. See here the result:

Dance video

The next video is a kind of rotoscope animation. I was ill and stayed at home from work for one or two weeks. Time enough to try out rotoscoping I thought. I used video material of my friend whom I had filmed while she was dancing. A separated each from and used the touch screen of my laptop as a drawing board. I had an electric pen with which I could draw lines. I wasn't easy, simply for my laptop was not really made for this. After drawing the outlines of many many frames I had the basic material to make an animation. I could easily fill in each enclosed surface (let's say, the jumper or a hand) with a certain color or pattern. Eventually I just had to put all frames together in Adobe Premiere Pro. It was a lot of fun to make this vid, but it was too time-consuming. Therefore I only manged to create a video of a few seconds and let it go forth- and back. It would take weeks to finish the video and make it a few mins long. It's time to get explore some animation software to make this process easier. Nevertheless, I do think it worked out and I like the way it looks (and could look). I can only imagine what the video would look like if I'd continued animating for a few weeks. 

Promotional vids

Below you can find a few promotion videos that I created during my work period at publishers house "Balans" in Amsterdam.

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